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Nelkon And Parker Advanced Level Physics Pdf 229 Latest




&. 99 pages. "As part of the Physics department of a state college, we used to teach the first, second and fourth editions of this textbook and found it to be very effective and helpful to both students and teachers. The authors have not changed their approach, but have added a third edition which we have used with success. " The book is intended for advanced students of physics and is divided into five sections, each with its own text. The first section deals with pure classical physics, mainly in terms of the motion of rigid bodies and electrical forces. The second section presents the laws of mechanics and thermodynamics and uses a fluid mechanics approach. The third section, which deals with electricity and magnetism, has been significantly expanded from the first two editions. The fourth section contains the classical electrodynamics of point and line charges and the fifth section is concerned with quantum mechanics. There are frequent exercises and all but the last chapter contain topics for further study. The book is well written, well produced and a very effective tool to be used in a teacher's course. "J.W. Hall. Chair, Physics Department. Scottish Rite University, Nashville, TN. Rating: (3). 1 986, 1 987, 1 988, 1 989, 1 990, 1 991, 1 992, 1 993, 1 994. &. 133 pages. 'We have used the third edition of this book with great success since it was published. As we had used the first two editions as the first college text book in our department, we did not find that the authors' approach had been changed in any significant way. The authors, however, have produced a very interesting, well written, and useful textbook on classical electrodynamics." "The use of M. Nelkon and R. Parker's book is illustrated by a relatively new physics course which is presented every year to about ten students in our department. It consists of three hours a week of intensive study of the previous year's book supplemented by an hour of one of the authors' lectures on related topics. The course has a definite impact on both the students and the faculty." J.R. Foster, Head of Physics. University of the Sciences. Philadelphia, PA. 'Rating: (4). 1 987, 1 988, 1 989, 1 990, 1 991, 1 992, 1 993, 1 994. &. 150 pages. "The fourth




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Nelkon And Parker Advanced Level Physics Pdf 229 Latest

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